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1st semester :
  • Foundation Course in English-2
  • Business Organization
  • Computer Basics and PC Software
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Computer Basics and PC Software Lab

Second Semester

  • Accountancy-1
  • Problem Solving and Programming
  • Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Communication Skills
  • C Language Programming Lab
  • Assembly Language Programming Lab

Third Semester

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Data and File Structures
  • Introduction to Database Management Systems
  • Programming in C++
  • C++ Programming Lab
  • Data and File Structures Lab
  • DBMS Lab

Fourth Semester

  • Statistical Techniques
  • Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming
  • Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • Introduction to Algorithm Design
  • Internet Concepts and Web Design
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Statistical Techniques Lab
  • Algorithm Design Lab

Fifth Semester

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Network Programming and Administration
  • Web Programming
  • Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
  • Business Communication
  • Network Programming and Administration Lab
  • Web Programming Lab
  • Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques Lab

Sixth Semester

  • E-Commerce
  • Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
  • Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Lab
  • Project