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Develop C# applications for the Microsoft .NET platform

Course Highlights::

  • Understand how C# fits in to the .NET platform
  • Analyze the basic structure of C# applications & be able to document, debug, compile, and run simple applications
  • Create, name & assign values to variables
  • Use common statements to implement flow control, looping & exception handling
  • Create methods (functions & subroutines) that can return values & take parameters
  • Explain the basic concepts & terminology of object-oriented programming
  • Create, initialize & destroy objects in a C# application
  • Build new C# classes from existing classes
  • Create self-contained classes & frameworks in a C# application
  • Define operators, use delegates & add event specifications

Course covers:

  • C# applications for Microsoft .NET platform
  • C# program structure
  • Language syntax & implementation details

Eligibility :

IT (Graduates/ Undergraduates/ College students), Engineers & Working professionals

Course Duration:
60 hours